Cargo Stuffing & De-stuffing
  An area which our new clients are always surprised to find out and appreciate at the same time is our specialisation and proficiency in container stuffing and de-stuffing. Container stuffing is also known as vanning. Transworld Terminals is experienced at filling both non-refrigerated and refrigerated (reefer) containers of any size.

Though it may sound simple and easy, stuffing a container actually is quite complex. One needs an experienced handler, in order to ensure that the container is efficiently stuffed and that the merchandise will arrive at its end destination in the same condition at which it was loaded.

To avoid problems such as cargo overflow or wastage of space, it is essential to have a stuffing plan before cargo is loaded into the container. The actual capacity of a container depends not only on the dimensions of the carton boxes but also on many other factors such as the packaging material and the competence and expertise of the stuffing personnel.

Besides the cargo's measurement, the stuffing plan should also take the weight into consideration. It is important to note that in many countries the permissible weight limits for road and rail transportation are lower than the maximum payload a container can afford.

Often pallets are used in stuffing a container. There are different sizes and weights and a shipper needs to be experienced to ensure that the pallets will not move around while the container is in transit. Sometimes, slip sheets are used in place of pallets in order to save space and maximize the container's load. Occasionally, neither pallets nor slip sheets are used for maximum loading.

Refrigerated (Reefer) stuffing is even more complex. Very old reefer containers have unique needs and one needs to know the intricacies of what is being shipped and what type of reefer container is being used.

Transworld Terminals CFS, an experienced company is always proud to be your logistics partner to ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination in a perfect condition and also cost effective.

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