Container Yards
  Container Yards are those areas designated for handling, storage, loading and unloading of cargo into or out of containers. Containers are picked up, dropped off, maintained, stored, loaded or unloaded from these yards from one mode of transport to another (ie. Vessel or truck).

We own our fully equipped inhouse container yards which gives us the added advantage of having the best equipment management and repair facilities system for our container stock. We regularly invest largely in Containers and by continuous software updation and monitoring, we are able to improve our operational efficiency and thus provide maximum satisfaction to our customers.

We at Transworld Terminals maintain container yards for storage, handling and maintenance of ISO containers. Major Shipping Lines avail our services for storage of containers and allocation thereon to their respective clients. Facilities are available for handling Refrigerated as well as any Specialized types of Container.

We have the capacity and security to assure our customers the most efficient methodology of container and/or chassis storage. Our facilities are secured and monitored 24 hours a day thus providing assurance to our customers that their containers/equipments are as safe as possible. We provide both empty and heavy lift services along with swings, stacking, storage, grading, managed release as well as FIFO.
  The activities covered include:
Container arrival at the station
Container warehousing
Container and cargo inspection
Yard management
Container stuffing and destuffing
Container servicing and maintenance
Terminal operations handling
Invoice and bills generation
Customer and Vendor communication management
Finance integration
Container clearance from the CFS
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