Inspection Services
  Transworld Terminals offers expert, cost-effective Quality Inspection services at all designated facilities. Working with your quality control team, we establish customized SOP for quality inspection to be used by our staff to examine your cargo. Our QI team will utilize Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) Sampling Tables or customized procedures defined as per your specific requirements, to ensure the appropriate inspection quantities are included, proper handling for disposition of any failed inspections, including vendor contact for re-work.

We provide Carton Audits to make sure packaging meets your requirements and also the safety compliance laws of importing countries. The verification includes:

Carton marking
Carton dimension and weight restrictions
Packing elements such as poly-bags safety labels, bar codes and ticketing, style and SKU number
Carton and product quantities
Carton damage/defects
When all packaging and labelling details meet the customers’ requirements, Visual Product Audits will be carried out to ensure the product quality:
Fabric/construction defects
Workmanship defects
Pressing and Finishing
Our teams are well versed in the requirements of many product verticals. Our inspections are always customized to meet the specific needs of different industries, including but not limited to apparel, house wares, leather goods, etc.
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